Meeting Me!

Hey! My name is Emma. For my first post I thought that I would give you an intro on who I am.

First of all I am in the 5 grade. I enjoy sports, crafts, cooking, and most of all I love to paint. Another activity that I LOVE to do is playing outside with my friends and my family.

But my favorite thing of all is one word: SLEEPOVERS!!! There is no way I could make it with out sleepovers. You know how everyone has something that isn't that important but they feel like can't live without? Yeah, well this is my thing except it is important, VERY important. To be honest I'll have a sleepover with anyone, well as long as I know the parent.

I'm being serious.

Very serious.

But my friends and I have sleepovers all the time. We all have a great time together! One time my friends and I had a dog show. Well sort of! We take turns playing dogs and then there is one judge and there is also a trainer for each dog! We take turns performing skits or acts or just tricks then the judge picks a winner! If you win you get to pick who's who next round! It is so much fun!

In my family I have a Dad, a brother named Stevie and a mom who you might know as the writer over at A Turtle's Life For Me! She is actually the reason that I'm doing a blog!

You can expect a lot of crafts and paintings and also just drawings on my blog. I also do things in the kitchen like desserts, making meals and stuff like that! Just don't expect any football junk or things like that.(You can tell I'm a girl can't you? I mean it's my best specialty!)


  1. Looking forward to hearing more from you Emma :)

  2. Great first post Emma! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  3. I loved reading your post Emma!


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