Home made gifts!

Alright, this time I am going to talk about home made gifts for friends and family!
First of all this is a gift for girls not boys (sorry!).  It's something that I've done before for my best friend's birthday. I made her a picture! It really isn't that hard of a thing to make.

First let your kid have fun with old canvases, because I would really let your kid make the whole thing. It's very easy and it might not look as nice as if you did it, but really it has more love in it (not that adults don't have any love in them, it's just that if the gift is from your kids, it would 1. make more sense if they made it and 2.  it would have more meaning to it than just having your kid come over every ten minutes saying "Great job mom keep up the good work!" and then going and playing video games).

Alright you don't need a new canvas. Just find an old one and paint over it. Paint what ever color you want or just keep it the same! This was an old princess canvas that I'm too old for now so I just painted over it.

Then pick that person's favorite color and then make the first letter of their name on the front in big letters!  Then you do their next favorite color in the back round with polka dots. I would say to use glittery paint so that the polka dots don't make you look at that instead of the letter.

Next in the corner of the letter, kind of put something that means them. Like with my friend, she is a girly girl so I made a 3-D bow. Then all you have to do is glue the bow on and you have yourself a picture for whoever you want to give it to!

My friend loved it and I hope you do to!
Extra thing's you might need to know!

      1. Make sure all the paint is dry before you put a different color or pattern on top of it
      2. To make the bow all you have to do is one long strip you fold in half and a shorter strip that    you put in the middle of the long strip  then you glue it together to make it puffier.

                I hope you enjoy your picture  and " Thank you, thank you very much!"

Oreo Slides

Hey! For my next post, I couldn't decided between pudding and Oreo crumb, so I ran some ideas through my mom and she said we should do both! They were so good they "somehow disappeared"!
I wonder how?!

The best part is you don't have to make it look good 'cause no matter what, it will always taste like heaven in a cup! That's right, HEAVEN. IN. A. CUP. Doesn't that make your mouth water! Well it might not, but it made mine so I'm going to show you anyway!    

Here's the recipe! 

 Oreo Slides

                                 2 cups of cold milk
                                  1 package chocolate pudding and pie filling
                                  1 1/2 cups crushed Oreos
                                   2 cups of thawed whipped topping
                                  other things that you will need is a  bread loaf pan and a few bowls

Place your glasses in the bread pan so they are tilted.

Mix your milk with your pudding mix in a container that has a tight lid and then shake it for about 45 seconds or a minute until it thickens.  Then carefully pour it into your glasses.  In another bowl, stir 1 1/4 cups of the crushed Oreos into the whipped topping.  Be extra careful and spoon it into the glasses over the pudding.  You should have a nice angle now!  You can take your glasses out of the bread pan and set them on the table and then spoon the extra crushed cookies on the top before you eat them!  Put them in the fridge if you aren't eating them right away!

                            Then you can watch the video to see exactly what to do!

And then we ran out of video space. My mom wants me to say that we aren't the best with technology stuff.

 If you want you can also make mud in a cup too.  All you need to do is don't tilt the cup to make the pudding side ways.  Then you also put in a few gummy worms and scare your parents (I have ideas, very good ideas!) 

Meeting Me!

Hey! My name is Emma. For my first post I thought that I would give you an intro on who I am.

First of all I am in the 5 grade. I enjoy sports, crafts, cooking, and most of all I love to paint. Another activity that I LOVE to do is playing outside with my friends and my family.

But my favorite thing of all is one word: SLEEPOVERS!!! There is no way I could make it with out sleepovers. You know how everyone has something that isn't that important but they feel like can't live without? Yeah, well this is my thing except it is important, VERY important. To be honest I'll have a sleepover with anyone, well as long as I know the parent.

I'm being serious.

Very serious.

But my friends and I have sleepovers all the time. We all have a great time together! One time my friends and I had a dog show. Well sort of! We take turns playing dogs and then there is one judge and there is also a trainer for each dog! We take turns performing skits or acts or just tricks then the judge picks a winner! If you win you get to pick who's who next round! It is so much fun!

In my family I have a Dad, a brother named Stevie and a mom who you might know as the writer over at A Turtle's Life For Me! She is actually the reason that I'm doing a blog!

You can expect a lot of crafts and paintings and also just drawings on my blog. I also do things in the kitchen like desserts, making meals and stuff like that! Just don't expect any football junk or things like that.(You can tell I'm a girl can't you? I mean it's my best specialty!)

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